Love and Time

As time goes after a break-up especially with someone whom you thought there is a future, it is harder to let go.  The reason is being the fact that there were probably some good qualities between the two people.  Maybe, there were a good bond and connection. As times goes after a break-up, the reason that caused the break-up which tends to be slowly forgotten and good memories showing up more.  It makes it even harder to let go.  Doubt may show up! The feeling of missing the other person might show up! More questions may show up because of all those good memories! Why and what happened? We were so good together but why we broke up? This might sound harsh but the reason caused the break-up, even with that someone who seemed to be perfect, must be a good reason.  In my case, it was the third person.  From reading many articles and talked to counsellors, the problem wasn’t just suddenly happen suddenly! The third person or whatever the reasons that cause the breakup probably was the last draw, the trigger or the excuse to end the relationship.  Something within the relationship was slowly breaking, it was just waiting for that final trigger.  Naturally, people do not want to hurt the person that is kind or genuinely and they did love once.  Before the break-up or that big fight, the person who wants the break-up was just slowly waiting for that trigger or create the cause that will for sure end the relationship permanently when they have no intention to continue the relationship.  To let go of that person whom you thought was perfect, you might have to remember the cause of break-up instead of the good memories.  Like I said, it might sound harsh but I need to let go and move on.  Holding on to someone who will never come back is only going to hurt me more! I do believe it is true that we have to clean out the past in order for the new to come in.  Not only for yourself but holding on the last person will affect how you view the new person! The new person is not the ‘ex’.  This new person may have new potentials.  This new person may have greater qualities and able to offer the love that you long for! It might take a long time and few broken heart experiences to learn about love and finding that person who can create a long-lasting love with the heart and soul.  I believe it will worth it instead of holding on the last person who clearly does not worth your love and missing other opportunities! It is hard when it is in the process of healing.  One day, we will see that it is worth it and understand the truth why the ‘ex’ is the ‘ex’! Sounds strange! When you finally find that one person who is willing to love you for who you are, facing any obstacles with you, love you even when you two are fighting, you will understand! It does happen that the ‘ex’ will finally realize the importance of your love that he/she can’t live without and the realization has turned him or her to be a new person and ask for your love again.  Before it happens, you need to give that separation a good amount of time to let go the past and rebuild if your heart believes it is worth it.   Love does take time to learn! Loving ourselves first always, treat ourselves the way we want others to treat us, and eventually, the right person will show up! I believe it!



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