Waiting, waiting and waiting…

For everyone, who is in a long-distance relationship, will know that waiting for the next time to meet is not easy. The good time of being together would go so fast and then comes the separation again. Once both people fall in love and commit to each other, the waiting of being together every single day is even harder.  However, there is hope when two people committed to each other! It takes two to make a relationship work with or without the distance! Even waiting for a text or call or a video chat is difficult when you love someone so deeply! However, we also need to trust your partner because we also have work, family, and many other things to deal with. I have listened to many couples who are in a long-distance relationship.  When the ones who are truly committed, the connection is amazing between the two hearts! Although waiting is hard, it is truly amazing that you can feel your loved one’s presence as if he/she is right next to you.  Have you tried it when both of you are doing something during a video chat but you feel like you are in the same room with the person? Somehow, the distance disappears until the moment to end the call.  Perhaps that makes the waiting worth wide!  Believe in your love with your partner that’s strong and think of all those wonderful memories that may help to make it easier while you are waiting! Most couples who also agree to keep their own life busy and meaningful during the time apart! When the couple meets up, they make sure it is creating more wonderful memories! There are many success stories that the long-distance relationship will end and finally be together to live happily ever after! Be patience and believe!


13 thoughts on “Waiting, waiting and waiting…

  1. I just can’t believe long distance relationships work- honestly, let alone last very long once the distance is closed. Close proximity in my mind is absolutely essential for the real relationship to blossom and maintain loves true connection.

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    1. I was once didn’t believe in long distance relationship. From the past relationships who were with people in the same cities. I realized that most importantly is the heart. True love is hard to find in general with or without the distance. I agree with you on maintaining love. I guess it is what people are willing to do for true love and a healthy long lasting relationship? Distance is real but each meeting is more special and the closeness is more intense. Because of the distance, they can give 100% attention as they set aside a good length of time. Couples, who are in the same city, probably have the similar challenges to meet up with busy life. Distance challenges the couple’s will even more if it is true love in my opinion but the reward of finally being together is priceless and to experience true love deep in the heart. There are many couples who are in long distance relationship because of work or other reasons. I believe true love create faith and trust in any couples’ hearts that can happen in long distance relationship.
      Truly appreicate you share your thoughts! It is nice to hear from people who cares. Thanks!

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      1. imo, anything that interferes with true love such as a busy schedule or the need to work long distances, is really just a convenient love relationship because other thing take a priority over love itself.
        True love would rather be broke and together than apart and alone.

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      2. What if those challenges occur is to test true love or make it stronger?
        I like this song, How does a moment last forever especially this part of the lyrics:
        …Maybe some moments weren’t so perfect
        Maybe some memories not so sweet
        But we have to know some bad times
        Or our lives are incomplete
        Then when the shadows overtake us
        Just when we feel all hope is gone
        We’ll hear our song and know once more
        Our love lives on…
        I love the entire song!

        Because we experience broken heart, that’s why those who believe in true love will treasure and fight side by side to protect it. True love will not be broken or if it does, I don’t think it is true love. That’s just my believe!

        Thank you for sharing your opinion! I honestly quite enjoy them! 🙂

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      3. Through all the comments back and forth plus reading numbers of your poems, I dare to trust that you and I both believe and care for ‘true love’ deeply. Although we may have a different view, definitation, how it works,…and etc, it is ok. You ask a good question! However, I am curious and hope you share your view if you find your true love, what will you do to protect it and create your happily ever after? How do you know you find your true love? What’s your view on fate?

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      4. True love is not a person but rather a connection between two people, imo.
        That being said, I believe you can find true love more than once, as in, after a broken relationship has ended. Love remains between the two people, albeit a lover, child, parent, ect.. The degree of that love can change on one or both sides of the relationship. Each side has a sacred duty to protect that connection at all cost. It become a balancing act only they can do or lose from failing in any number of ways.
        In my mind, One must do everything humanly possible to keep that love in tact, including but not limited to walking away, setting the other person free…while holding faith in the love its trueness will overcome the dark storm of uncertainty.
        True love revels itself between the two parties, most other could never recognize but may observe at a distance.

        When love is lost, we suffer because we were only half of the equation and now we feel the frantic need to compensate the full 100% of it to keep it alive out of fear, we and it, might die.

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      5. Thank you for sharing much in depth details and explain so well which I only share a small part with way too many words. Clearly, I need to learn to write better. 🙂

        I think there are similiarity of what we believe or think on the topic of true love in my opinion.
        You had read my comment on your poem. I agree true love is a connection between the hearts and souls. Like I wrote, it isn’t just about a man and a woman. Love can be suffering for those in unfortunate enviornment. A child grow up with abusive family. There are some children turn out good and learn what love truly means. But some unfortunately could never love again. That’s just one example. For my post, I was only focus on long distance relationship. My goal is giving hope. In my heart, it is possible and many success stories.

        In this world, it doesn’t matter what it is, we all need to have hope to continue to create a meaningful life which is at least loving ourself truly. Loving ourselves is the first thing that we must do. Sadly, some give up on themselves. There is so much more to this topic. I appreciated you share so much in all the comments. I believe what I choose to believe. It makes me feel good. At the same time, I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas. Thank you! 🙂

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      6. Like I said, it is ok to have different opinion. It was great sharing thoughts and ideas. I enjoy it very much. If readers read all of these, maybe they will get something out of it. I respect your opinion just as much. Truly it was great! 🙂

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