Coronavirus – LDR – Be Strong!

Update from my last post Should I go or stay?: Thank you for those who click ‘like’ to show your support! I truly appreciated it! Last week, we decided it is best that we wait. I believe this tough time, which caused by the coronavirus, will only strengthen the love in the relationship. I was feeling sad! Fortunately, technology can help us keep in touch every day. We can still see each other through video chat every day. While he eats his supper, I will be eating my lunch. Lots of cute GIF images with hugs and kisses! A morning message to look forward to each morning! Watch movies or play games together! When you truly love someone, I believe you can feel the love connection no matter how far the person is away.  When the day comes to be in each other’s arms again, it will be even more special. For anyone who is in a long-distance, you are not alone.


During this challenging time, I agree with many people’s suggestions to be strong, stay positive, and keep active! Stress and sadly will only make your body weak which is not good! No doubt, I still feel disappointed that our visit has to be cancelled. For me, I turn to my camera or craft/art. What do you do to stay positive or make you feel good?


From the bottom of my heart, I wish everyone is doing well! I feel sad o see the death number increase! Maybe I am naive but I believe their souls will watch over us like the bright stars shining in the dark sky,  Keep having faith and hope! This challenging time will pass! Be strong!