A long lasting relationship

When I saw this quote, I sent it to my special someone.  Sadly, we didn’t make it after almost 4 years long distance relationship with 7000 some km apart.  Part of me believes love can conquer all.  Some couples out there has proven that it is true.  When I saw this quote, I think it sums up what I believe about love.  Unfortunately, it takes two willing hearts to make it work.  At least, this is what I believe!


One day at a time!

In the last couple of weeks, my aunt’s death had triggered my depression. Without going into it, I want to take this chance to share why I like quotes.  Positive and meaningful quotes have become one of the tools that I use to keep me moving forward or not falling too deep into the dark place. It is amazing how a few words could help me get back into the light. There are many tools as well that I use but ultimately it is up to me to change for a happier life!

Here is one of my favourite quotes that helps me to have a positive attitude toward challenges: