My believe of being a couple

What I believe is, couple will fight. It should be fighting side by side for any obstacles, not fighting each other! Our Ego like to be right and that’s one of the reasons, we forgot what brought two people together at the first place. Then, two people hurt each other for the sake of being right! Is it worth it?

It is sad to see many relationships end because some people rather be right, then, saving the love between two hearts and souls.

When Miracle brings two souls together, fall in love and connect the hearts together, two souls become one and every moments of being with each other is magical.  Dancing to the “Pecfect” song in the kitchen and only feeling love between the two hearts.   When two people fight, Ego could let all those moments be forgotten! It takes time and trust to build love with our hearts!  Sometimes, I heard people said they fight with the stupidest things, or even forgot what they were fighting at the beginning.

I love the movie What Dreams May Come and the song I will follow you into the dark! What I remember the most is:

“It is not about understanding.

It is about not giving up!”

I have one more quote to share:

”The person who loves you more will fight with you without any reason.

But whenever you’re sad that person will flight with the world to end your sadness!”

I wish all the couples in the world have the strongest love to fight the Ego and fight side by side to any obstacles because your relationship is worth to fight for! You are worth for your partner to fight for!

When you fight, not only to remember why you love your partner but take a pause ore a step back to ask yourself, is it worth to fight and hurt each other? When you fight, even if you win, I bet your heart is hurting just as much as your true love!