Silence can be a good tool

In a heated debate or argument, I find that silence helps reducing more harm to the relationship.  Both people might intent to fix the problem. However, our minds are too busy to think than listen to what the other person is actually saying.  There were times when I thought writing would be better but our mind interprets words so differently.  During arguments, there are so many things going on in our minds. Suddenly, old wounds came back! Too busy to predict what the person is going to say! Try so hard to defend ourselves! No matter how long we know the person, we would never 100% know the mind of the person.

Silence but yet to let the loved one knows that just needs some space to clear the mind and love is not broken. Trust that two willing hearts can solve the problem together or clear the misunderstanding!  Remember loving someone is never about being right or wrong! Argument and misunderstanding is not the end of the relationship but a chance to grow stronger together and learn more about each other!


Personally, I think it doesn’t matter what kind of relationship. People will always have a different opinion on any different subject. Thinking back of my own experiences, I did find some of the arguments and tears could’ve been avoided if I could take a step back, calm down and re-group my thoughts. Lesson learned!