What does Love mean to you?

LOVE is a word and feeling that we crave for! Do you ever feel that I find love but sometimes I don’t feel loved but I know my partner loves me? Why?

There was a time when my special loved believed that there was no need to say, “I love you!” every day! “You know I love you!”, he said. In those months, I was really frustrated and sad.  After months of struggling and internally questioning myself, am I crazy and insecure? I determined that those three little magic words make me happy! That’s it!  In my best ability to try to help him understand what it means to me, I said, “I like to hear it because it is a good feeling to my heart but not because I feel insecure.  I like to hear it as much as I like to say it to you!”  Since then, he said those three little magic words to me every day! The best part is that it becomes natural and we both feel good to say it and hear it! 

In my experiences or listening to couples, one may not feel appreciated to show love in his/her own way but also feel disappointed when nothing comes back! It is because everyone feels loved in different ways.  I like the book called Five Love Languages by the author Gary Chapman. There are some great tips.  One example is like me who needs to hear the three little magic words. The second example is getting a hug. 

Throughout time, I listened or read articles from couples who married for over 40 or more years.  Here are the few things that commonly speak of:

  1. Tell your partner, “I love you!” every day
  2. Say thank you and show appreciation
  3. Spend quality time no matter how busy the day went
  4. Never go to sleep angry

What do you need from your partner to feel loved?