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There are many kinds of love. The one kind that we all wanted the most is having true love with someone to grow old with. Someone who we can trust completely with our hearts.  It is also seems like the most difficult kind of love to create the happily ever after. 

When I started this blog, I talked about my own challenges and a broken heart from my 7000+km relationship. It was at the time that we both thought it was completely over. I was hoping to stay positive and learning from it. I also talked about the challenges of loving my parents. In the past, I used photography to express my thoughts. After reading many blog posts, articles about love. I decided to try to write. I hope to learn from other bloggers about love.  Honestly, I still have a long way to learn to write better. However, my wish is to give hopes to others. Some of us are dealing with the challenges of love in many different ways.  I realized this community is place for healing, not just sharing thoughts, ideas and experience. I appreciated this community and the people.  It is helping me! I hope I can give back by sharing my own story.  

Because of the minor brain concussion last year plus two other unfortunate events, it made me realized how life can be short! I decided to write to him in February and hope to make peace. In my mind, I wish he would remember the wonderful memories of us if I left this world suddenly.  Surprisingly, he asked me, “What do I really want? Just make peace? Let’s talk!” I still hesitated but he kept asking, “Do I want more than just make peace? I have not moved on and never stop loving you! The photos and your belongings are still in the same spot. Let’s be truthful and talk.”  I still remember he had my emails on his laptop and he wrote notes during our video chat. He said that it is important we talk through all them so we can move forward.  We did!  Recently, he came to visit.  Although it was only 10 days, it was the best 10 days. During one of the conversations, he said he knew he has to be patient to wait for me to write to him.  He knew none of those excuses were true but he did feel hurtful that I didn’t believe him! I was running away from fear. The distance and each separation were too painful.  He was right.  However, it took those painful experiences and many months, then, I realized that I truly love him.

 “If you love someone, set them free. 

If they come back they’re yours; 

if they don’t they never were.”

One of the famous singers said this in her last concert before she passed away and only 40 years old “If you have found someone special with youyou better hurry up or if you waited too long, they might not be around. She devoted her life to music, her fans, and the stage. Her only wish for marriage, having someone special, but never did come true!

Here I am, I don’t know how my own story will end. However, I learnt to be honest with myself and treasure each moments of this relationship.  More so love him withi my open heart as he does for me! If you have someone special that your heart feels it is true love, be brave and tell him or her! If she/he is closed, maybe grab hold onto the love, be together, and create more wonderful memories instead of dealing the pain from each separation and wondering when will be the next time see each other? 

My special love one always said “True love will show up for those who has patient.”  This time I will share one of his favourite quotes: