Divorce is not a tragedy!

A friend of mine finally will be officially divorced in March.  The process took almost 4 years in his case. Because of that, it reminded me of my own experience.  When I went through my divorce, I remember a phone call from one of my cousins.  She said, “I feel sorry for the children! Now, they are in a broken family!”.  I said, “The family was broke apart a long time ago! I am quite happy now because my children will see me smile instead of crying every day”.  I can still remember the silence on the other end.

What I have learned about divorce through my experience and other people’s stories, I realized that divorce isn’t a bad thing. In the past, I had talked to a number of women who stayed in women shelters for a night to wait until their abusive husband calm down. I asked them, “Why are you planning to go back to your husband who hurt you physically or emotionally?” Some have so much fear that blind them not able to see the light of joy.  Worst is fear that their children will be taken away from them.  The children become a bargaining chip. Some of those children grew up without learning what love is only pain and tears from watching their parents fighting and yelling at each other.  On that note, I am very grateful that my ex-husband and I are able to put the failed marriage behind and put the best interest on our children. We can celebrate our children’s birthdays together or even just hang out to have fun. Most importantly is the children know that they have both parents’ support and love. I wish all divorce couples can do that for their children or best is to have more happy marriages. Children deserve both parents’ love! Each of us deserves to be treated with respect, kindness and love. We deserve to have a joyful life!


Note: I personally find it very difficult and sadden to read the status and news about the coronavirus that’s happening around the world. I do have relatives in Hong Kong. A place was beautiful. Then, it goes on protests for months and still going on but less. Now, they are also living in fear not just because of the protests but also the virus.  Other countries are having their challenges. I know love isn’t enough to make the world better.  My hope is there are love and peace in your own world. Also, I look forward to the date when the world announces a cure for the coronavirus!