Every birthday is a reminder…

My birthday seemed to be more significant this year.  Not only, my special someone of four years relationship broke up with me two days before my birthday.  I also needed to do a surgery to remove a benign on my breast in a week after my birthday.  What happened? Why?  On the day of the surgery, I realized that life can be short! Time never stop to let us heal!  I want to achieve so much more than spending the time to fight and be depressed.  The feeling is like a ‘wake-up’ call, “Stop wasting time! You only have one life, don’t waste it!”  I was too busy to please someone that I became a doormat.  Who am I?  I am still living so there must be more for me to live for.  I must have some good value in me.  I am much more than a doormat.   I always believe signs and words always show up at the right time when we are ready to see them.  It is over 2 months now.  Today, I want to share these words with you!

“Every birthday is a reminder that you have one life

Not endless years

It’s a deadline which says 

Time is limited

to do all those things

you’ve always wanted.

On your birthday, 

I hope that you manage to 

do everything in life

that’s DESTINED for you!”