The end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020

During Christmas and New Year holiday, I decided not spending much time in the digital world but to give my 100% attention to my loved ones. My two children started their 2nd year studying at universities in 2020. Last year, my daughter moved away to another city, not far but far enough not able to get together often. My son lives about 30 minutes away. It is not far. What I realized is not about the distance, it is their busy studying and my own busy world that caused us not able to meet often since we don’t live in the same house.  We make all the effort as a parent for them to communicate and do anything they need.  We do what we know best. We are not perfect but we will never give up trying. That’s my belief as a parent!  Perhaps because of the same reason, we treasured our time together whenever we could meet especially this holiday.  When my ex-husband and I divorced over 15+ years ago, I told him that I do not care about the failed marriage but our focus will be the best interest on the children. I believe I can still teach my children what love is even though we are divorced.  It was our difference broke us apart. However, it is our difference to solve many challenges for our children. They know that both parents love and support them! It is fortunate that we can all be together and have quality time for the children.  I love my children dearly because they are the ones who show me unconditional love does exist! 

I am also very lucky to have someone special who I can trust to open my heart to love and be loved. When I started this blog, it was our worst time in these five years. I was never a believer for a long-distance relationship until I met him. We met through a mutual friend. What are the odds that two people who live 7000km apart could meet?  I will be very honest that it is not pleasant when we are not together for special occasions. We tried but not always able to get together. If you ask me, why do I believe a long-distance relationship can work. My answer will be my number one favourite quote:

“Nothing is impossible for a willing heart!” 

We have two willing hearts, how lucky! So you might wonder why we are not together after 5 years. Timing! We are not young but we both believe it is a miracle to have this love! We both are willing to work toward the goal of being together for good!

Not young? In 2020, I will be turning 50 in a few short months.  Let’s say that I could live up to 90! However, how many years I could actually do things like I am right now before my body and mind gets weak. Watching my dad turns 60, I noticed that he was starting to slow down. Now, he is 80 with a brain tumour and other serious health issues. It truly makes me think what am I doing with the rest of my life?

Most definitely, I will continue to work on creating the life that I want. Keep what’s good from the past, enjoy and live each moment, and walk toward the bright light from the future. Keep learning about love!

I also hope there will be more peace and love in this world! There are many people who are doing great things but I also believe if we work on ourselves, create love and peace in our own world, the vibration will spread outwards to others!

Definitely, I will keep learning to be a better writer.  This is a bit unusual to write so much. I hope to create more quotes of my own other than sharing my favourite quotes.  What do you hope for this year?