Women are Crazy!….???

“Women are crazy!”  What is the content within the word, “Crazy!”, most men imply that women are easy jealous, insecurity, and make things out of nothing. What if the true meaning is the fact that women love their men so much and actually care deeply about the relationship?! Men should feel lucky that their women actually care about love and the relationship. Same for women if you have sensitive men.  When we love someone so much, we are more protective. We do not want to lose the loved one. Better question, why would you do anything to sabotage the relationship?

Some men hide their female friendship(s) with co-workers or friends because they believe their women will go “CRAZY!”.  They do not want to deal with women asking questions or what they said, “Women make things out of nothing!” or generally avoid conflicts.  However, the fact is that men hide female friendship(s) from their girlfriend or spouse is interpret as dishonest in most women’s minds. It can be the other way around, too.  Does it feel good to hide something when the opposite sex friendship is nothing more than just a friendship or work relationship? Somehow, most men or women assume that their loved one will not like their opposite-sex friend(s). It is only your assumption, maybe even if it is based on past patterns. We all have a past, bad relationship, and maybe have a partner cheated on you or you were the one who cheated. However, how much do you want this true loving relationship to work and last forever? There will always other female co-workers, or friends come into your world.  However, how many times do we find true love relationship in this one lifetime?

When it can be honestly told or shared the information to your loved one, it is a risk worth to take.  Most of us, men and women, have a jealous issue. When it is properly handling the opposite sex friendship(s) with honesty, it gives your loved one confidence to trust you.  You feel good, too. It is up to the loved one to work on their own jealousy issue.  However, you have done the most important thing, being honest. Remind your loved one that there is nothing to worry about.  By acting honestly, you are showing your unwavering commitment. As each time the same experience happens, the confidence will become stronger and the jealousy may even be gone.

Imagine if your loved one find out the opposite friendship in their own way or you tell them, which one do you prefer? Is your love strong enough to make a clear boundary that your opposite-sex friends will not cause a problem to your relationship? It is your responsibility to protect your relationship and commitment to your loved one.

Next time when you think your loved one is ‘crazy’, perhaps check-in with yourself first before saying it out loud.  Words can be so much more hurtful and can’t be undone!

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