If you are writing this quote,

how will you complete it?

14Jan2020_Q_Fill in word

At the beginning of a new year, I like to think and plan how I could make this year to be a meaning one or achieve certain goals.  During the process, I often ask myself what do I need to fulfil those dreams and goals?

There is no right or wrong, or judgement. It is why I like this place. It is safe to share and speaks our mind.  I welcome anyone to share your thoughts! You can print out the image above, write your words, and hang it up so you can see it every day!  A little motivation or even just bring you a smile whenever you read it! Looking forward to reading how you would complete the quote above!

I will share the original quote that I find next Wednesday!

Update on January 22, 2020:

“Anything is possible with a little bit of Sparkle”

The first time I saw it was in England.  I like it because it is related to my number 1 favourite quote “Nothing is impossible with a willing heart”.  I like it also because I think of Sparkle as magical or miracle. I do have time that I feel discouraged.  This little project made me feel good. It is more special when I made it special for myself.   I hope you have something special for you during those rainy days moments. Here is how I decorated with the print out above after uploaded the post last Wednesday and I hang it up on the wall above my desk: