A child deserves so much more than love

I couldn’t help it not to share this 10 years old talented girl who wrote a song that inspired by the fact that some adults/parents didn’t listen to their children. I mean truly listen to what a child’s feeling, not just the words.  It has always been something for me that I believe children deserve to be heard. They have a voice, too! It is parents, teachers, and adults’ responsibilities to take the time and the hearts to understand a child’s words and the non-verbal signs on what they are trying to express, happiness, anger,  or any emotion or ideas.  A child sometimes doesn’t know how to express those feeling that’s why I believe it is the adults especially the parents’ duty to listen and try to understand their child/children. We are supposed to be the safest place for them to speak freely. There are times that we might not able to solve their problems but at least the children know that we care, support and love them. A child born with love, unconditional love and a beautiful heart. Love them with your open heart and your unconditional love! Someone asked me there are conditions to love. I believe that ‘condition’ means a healthy boundary. Loving someone doesn’t mean being a doormat.  Every time when I see a parent yell at their child or call them a little sh*t. It makes me wonder if you called your own child as such, then what are you since you are the parents or the mom who gave birth to this child?

A child truly loves their parents, especially in their earlier ages.  Show them your love and help them to build positive experience before any negative influences or experience create fear, hate and closed their loving hearts.

Hope you enjoy not just the show but the meaning of it https://youtu.be/yZV72cpo2yo  There are many talented kids but somehow this one really touch my heart.  It shows everything that I believe as parents how we support and care for our children.  They can have a bright future.

I don’t have a quote to share but a photo of my little girl and me. “The safest place”