Will there be peace in this world?

I always feel lucky despite all the bad experiences and events in my personal life. I do live in a safe city. Around the world, there are wars, chaos, strikes, protests other than crimes. Whenever I look at news around the world, it does make me feeling sad not only to see the damages that people created but worst in my eyes are seeing children to suffer or even holding a gun to protect themselves or their families. Some children are being used as child labour for profits but all these children get are food. Children are born with a pure heart and love! What do they actually learn when they born in some places that are in constant fears? In my blog, my focus has always been about love. In my thoughts, I wonder perhaps they will treasure more about love because of the environment that they are in?

Something else in my mind is people are fighting for their home, their freedom, and protect what they have. I sometimes wonder isn’t it the government are or perhaps fighting for the same thing? Both sides have their opinions, will there be a slice chance that they are fighting for the same thing? Their country, home, and people! Where does it go wrong from peaceful protest to violence and almost feel as if people are destroying their own beautiful countries?

I don’t know if I would ever understand and find all the answers that I am asking myself. I do wish there is a miracle and at least they can sleep peacefully at night without fear. Here is a quote that keeps coming into my mind.