What do you see in his/her eyes?

I was a personal life coach and studied human behaviour. I used to have two friends who are married. When I met them, they were married for 7 years.  Why do I remember them so well? Because I have never seen so much love through a man’s eyes.  His eyes showed such an overwhelming feeling of love whenever he looked at his wife.  Even when his wife was talking to others, he would look at his wife with such admiration.   On his wife’s 40th birthday, all the friends rented a holiday farmhouse for a few days.  When it was time to celebrate her birthday.   My friend put together photos of their children and them with a photo frame wrote: “Together is the best place to be”.  I told my friend that’s the most wonderful and loving gift.  Quite a few of us were rather envy without saying it out loud.  In all my years of helping people and observing couples.  I have never seen such love in a man’s eyes.   It is a fact that our body language is more truth than our words.  What do you see when you look into your lover’s eyes?  Trust what you see, never put a blindfold over your own eyes and look deeply into your love one eyes.  Our eyes are the gate to our souls.