Me or them?

I personally believe those who seek approval are more sensitive when someone says, “No!” or some forms of communication and gestures that make us feel being rejected.  I am one of them.  I take it so personally that it paralyzed my thought. Why can’t they see my value, the good in me, and the talents in me? Rejection is not just from love one, business people, and even a sale person in a store who walked away just when you thought she may able to help you.  Something so little can be a trigger to feel this awful feeling of rejection.  My theory is that I created the feeling of rejection because I don’t feel I am good enough and they are better than me.  Another theory is that they don’t see the values that I could offer so they walked away.  Either way, I allowed the feeling of ‘rejection’ run deep in me.  What’s the pay off for having that feeling? It is our victim selves playing tricks in our minds especially when we want so much more in life but our victim selves’ duty is supposed to protect us from repeating pain. (There are many articles that have different interpretations of victim self)  The negative impacts are worst.  One, we continue to attract people who just not worth our time but we let them walk on us like a doormat.  Second, our victim selves blindfold us to see the good people who are in our lives or opportunities that truly allows us to show our value, talents, and skills.  It is not easy to just switch from the feeling of being rejected to thinking it is their problems.  I write a reminder on a sticky note or notepad on my cell phone that I am a caring person and I have values to offer to others.  It will take time and it will be a challenging time over time but I trust that those who practise would never go back to zero; it will be just test of faith.  Faith in who I truly me!